When we speak of the 4th season, we think of holidays, gifts, good food and the scent of Christmas trees, oranges, cinnamon and other Christmas spices immediately rises to our noses. For Romanians it is difficult to imagine a perfect winter without snow, fir, nut strudel, family and gifts.

According to tradition, winter begins on the evening of 5 to 6 December. Saint Nicholas shakes his beard, so the first snow falls – great fun for all children. Who wasn’t standing at the window with his nose pressed down, fascinated by the dance of the snowflakes, or didn’t go out with his tongue to catch them at the first snow? Winter is a joy for all of us, the opportunity to spend contemplative hours with family and friends, to go on long walks in the snow-covered landscape or to devote ourselves to winter sports such as tobogganing and skiing. Winter fun is guaranteed, especially in rural areas.

And for children it is of course also the time for presents. On the evening of 5 December, the children are busy cleaning their winter boots and preparing them for Santa Claus, before finally finding them packed with presents on 6 December. Already in the 10th century the Europeans began to celebrate St. Nicholas – a philanthropist who likes to secretly give presents to children. In the course of the time Moș Nicolae was engaged by the parents as educating assistance, so that those children, who were the year over good, with sweets and other small gifts were recompenced – impudent and widerspenstige children went empty against it.
But in the end the idea of simple giving prevailed again. Because who does not like them – gifts, whether large or small – are these nevertheless the possibility, not only the own children, to communicate, how much one loves someone.

We wish everyone in Romania a wonderful St. Nicholas Day and great winter months – whether in Romania or abroad, wherever you carry your loved ones in your heart.