“Research has revealed that Romanian is ranked in the first eight languages in the world in terms of vocabulary and semantics. With respect to vocabulary, approximately three quarters of the modern Romanian language are Latin in origin, i.e. 30.33% inherited, while the remaining 14% originated from French, Neo-Latin, Italian, English, and other. One must add the Slavic borrowings, and the New-Greek, German, Turkish, Hungarian, and other influences”, states the President of the Romanian Academy and rector of the Babeș-Bolyai University in Cluj, Ioan-Aurel Pop PhD in History. “Through Latin influences, we have upheld our individuality in the “Slavic sea” in which we are currently located, and we have maintained our ties in perpetuum with the Western civilization in which our origin and perception are rooted. These words made history and explain our history better than any other sources. Some of the words are: bătrân, biserică, păcură, ai (usturoi), nea, păcurar, amăgire (admăgire) etc. The arrival of some of these words has been documented, and we are aware of their historical meaning.”


Pop stated that his institution has recently completed a new edition of the “Marelui Dicţional al Limbii Române” (Unabridged Romanian Language Dictionary), comprising 19 volumes and more than 170,000 words. The academician indicated that the dictionary fails to include approximately 30,000 words, largely diminutives.

The most spoken native language in the world is Spanish; Pop upheld that when Chinese “which is not an agglutinative language”, takes over first place, Latinity will be “endangered.”