Transfagarasan is also known as “the road to heaven”, “the way to the clouds” or even “the best road in the world”. With the Transfagarasan you cross the Fagaras Mountains, the highest mountains in Romania. They go from the north of the country to the south, connecting Muntenia and Transylvania.

The road starts at Pitesti, reaches Lake Balea at 2042 m, then goes through the Vidraru hydropower plant, through serpentine roads and viaducts, it passes the Vidraru dam near Lake Vidraru and climbs to the Capra Balea tunnel (the longest in Romania, naturally ventilated). It is located under the crest of the Fagaras Mountains between the peaks of Iezerul Caprei (2414m) and Paltinul (2398m). It goes also to the Balea glacier lake with the majestic Balea waterfall (the largest in Romania) at 2130 m altitude.


The breathtaking scenery and beautiful places along the route make this trip unforgettable. It also offers perfect panoramic shots and is the starting point of many hiking trails in the mountains.