Poziția copilului (2013)

For this Romanian drama, the director Călin Peter Netzer was awarded the Golden Bear. Ada Solomon produced this film. This is an admirable example of the new film wave in Romania, which can be expounded upon. The story behind this drama is straightforward and it is a skilful unveiling of social worries and of communities.

The Child’s Pose focuses on a domineering mother who tries her might to protect her adult son, who is liable for a 15-year prison sentence for manslaughter, having killed a child. It is a drama centred on suffocating parental love and portrays accurately the current Romanian society; it also touches on corruption, and low-level traffic of influence in certain public institutions.

Concertul (2009)

“Concertul” is the lighter film on this list, suitable for a relaxing Friday evening. Classical music fans will not be disappointed in the superb soundtrack. However, the story is deeply rooted.

Andrei Simonovich Filipov (Aleksey Guskov) is a successful conductor at Bolshoi Theatre, but he is let go for having included Jewish musicians in his orchestra. He becomes a doorkeeper. Notwithstanding, following a turn of events, he is afforded the chance to spend his life with the orchestra in Paris.

In addition to the amazing soundtrack, director Radu Mihaileanu creates exquisite theatrical scenes.

Police, Adjective (2009)

Mit diesem Krimi erschuf Corneliu Porumboiu den wohl am besten ausgearbeiteten Polizisten des gesamten rumänischen Kinos. In einer kleinen, ruhigen Stadt, von Alltagstrott durchzogen, ermittelt Cristi (Dragos Bucur) gegen einen möglichen Drogendealer. Zu Anfang scheint der Fall keine großen Schwierigkeiten darzustellen, doch während seiner repetitiv wirkenden Arbeit wird die größte Schwierigkeit des Beamten immer deutlicher: sein Gewissen arbeitet gegen sein Selbstverständnis als Polizist.

Ein wenig Geduld muss man als Zuschauer bei den vielen “Long Takes” schon haben, doch die lohnt sich. Denn die hitzige Schlussszene stellt den Höhepunkt des gesamten Films dar und enthüllt was während einer Konfrontation von Gewissen und Verpflichtung passiert.

Bacalaureat (2016)

Aside from “4 luni, 3 saptamani si 2 zile“ (2007) and the outstanding „Dincolo de dealuri“ (2012), directed by Cristian Mungiu, his latter project “Bacalaureat“ (2016) premiered at Cannes, and it is one of the best Romanian long footages.

The acclaimed film critic Peter Bradshaw from the Guardian describes Mungiu’s film as a “thorough and subtle five-star observation study on the red-tape comprise in Romania.” The British critic awarded “Bacalaureat” 5 stars out of 5.