Perhaps the most beautiful places are indeed the ones that are hardest to reach. These places include the villages of Scărişoara and Ineleţ, which can only be reached by taking the paths that lead to the tops of the mountains.

The villages Scărişoara and Inelet in the Cerna Valley are among the most hidden places in the country.

The only access to the villages is made possible by ladders made of acacia wood at the beginning of the 70s: The famous ladder is made of wood and leaning against the mountainside. Four segments are formed: each of them is about 20 meters long. Two teams established the access. Some workers were upstairs, holding the strings and letting the stairs down. The others descended to the “belly” of the mountain to catch the stone steps. The ladder is 100 meters long.

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"Drumul" către Ineleț

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How do people live in Inelet village? They have no money, no hatred and no malice. As they have learned from their ancestors, they no longer want and need it. They are satisfied with what they have and know that civilization often does not only bring good.

People have their own agriculture and are very happy with it. Overall, the village has only 11 houses and only a few children are studying there at school.

The postman is allowed there  to go once a month. The priest visits the village only once every four years during major festivals or funerals.

The villages Scărişoara and Inelet are located at over 1000 m altitude. They have no electricity, no roads, cars or other luxuries of modernity. Life in these villages is totally different, people are calm, warm, patient and maybe happier. Worry or stress are words that have never been heard there before.
They practice the exchange in nature without the money being the simplest form of trading.

You only need yourself. Basic occupations in the villages are animal husbandry and vegetable cultivation. Without electricity they use a gas lamp in the evening. The “furlings” they wear are shrubs that are especially useful in rain and snow.