Every year hundreds of companies compete to show the world that their inventions are the most modern and impressive in the world. CES, the world’s largest consumer technology conference, takes place in Las Vegas from January 7 to January 10.

Here are some of the most original winners this year:


Health and Wellness

Colgate Plaqless Pro is an electric toothbrush that indicates to the user whether or not a specific area of the teeth has already been cleaned properly.


Smart Home

Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed, is an intelligent bed that balances the temperature during the sleep phases and optimizes the body’s natural sleep cycles so that the user sleeps comfortably and wakes up less frequently during the night.



Meeting Owl Pro is a small device equipped with a camera, microphone and speakers that is designed to replace traditional communication software in meetings. The device can be placed on a table in any meeting or conference room to hold external meetings. Once the “owl” is in the middle of the table, it notices everything that happens around it. Using image and voice recognition software, the device recognizes the speaker and focuses the camera on him or her respectively.


Virtual reality

NextMind offers a new kind of interaction. The gadget is used in form of reality headphones, which are placed on the back of the head and thus make the use of conventional accessories unnecessary when it comes to the use of virtual or augmented reality.


Video screens

The Sero from Samsung. This TV can also be used in portrait mode as it has a rotating screen. This is particularly attractive for Generation Z, as this target group is increasingly watching horizontal media.



The prize in the Games category was won by the innovative game St. Noire. In this game the players act as the detectives to solve a crime in a small town. Suspects must be questioned in order to find clues found to find the killer in this scenario. The exciting thing about this experience is that Amazon’s language assistant Alexa walks you through the game.