September 1, 1859: A super-sun storm occurs

September 2, 1666: The great fire of London breaks out and destroys the whole city for 4 days.

September 3, 1953: The “European Convention on Human Rights” enters into force.

September 4, 1958: The first edition of the George Enescu International Festival takes place in Bucharest.

September 5, 1980: The St. Gothard Tunnel in Switzerland is inaugurated as the longest motorway tunnel in the world with a length of 16.22 km.

September 6, 1863: The world’s first 6.3 km metro line along Victoria Street goes into operation in London.

September 7, 1910: Marie Curie isolates the first pure radium.

September 8, 1975: The airline LAR (Romanian Air Lines) is founded.

September 9, 1911: The first postal flight with an airplane from Europe takes place.

September 10, 1960: Iolanda Balaci wins the Olympic gold medal at the Olympic Games in Rome with an altitude jump of 1.85 metres.

September 11, 2001: Al-Qaeda bombs aircraft in New York City

September 12, 1659: Oastea Tari Romanesti conquer Giurgiul and Braila under the command of Mihnea III.

September 13, 1788: New York becomes the first capital of the United States

September 14, 1895: The bridge over the Danube between Fetesti and Cernavoda is inaugurated and was at that time the third longest bridge in the world.

September 15, 1830: The first railway route in the world is inaugurated between Liverpool-Manchester.

September 16, 1836: Alexandru Ghica Institute as national currency, theoretical unit of account the equivalent of 60 words

September 17, 1983: Vanessa Williams becomes the first African-American Miss America.

September 18, 1947: The Bucharest City Theatre is inaugurated.

September 19, 1946: The Council of Europe is founded at the University of Zurich after a speech by Winston Churchil.

September 20, 1459: First documentated mention of the fortress of Bucharest (in a letter from Vlad Tepes).

September 21, 1847: Bucharest’s first modern water supply is inaugurated

September 22, 1955: With the first volume of the novel “Morometii” by Marin Preda, typography enters the creative picture plane.

September 23, 2002: The Mozilla Firefox web browser is born

September 24, 1948: Foundation of the Honda Motor Company

September 25, 1872: The northern railway station of Bucharest is inaugurated and the first railway line Bucharest-Ploiesti is opened.

September 26, 2002: Timisoara is the first city in Romania with intelligent street lighting at night

September 27, 1914: King Carol I dies after 48 years in power

September 28, 1823: Leon XII elected Pope

September 29, 1885: One of the world’s first electric tram lines is inaugurated in Blackpool.

September 30, 1972: The Öland bridge in Sweden is opened with a length of 6,072 metres.