1 May – International Labor Day

2 May 1497 – John Cabot begins his journey to the American Continent

3 May 1494 – Christopher Columbus discovers Jamaica

4 May  1975 – Nadia Comaneci becomes Absolute Champion of Europe in gymnastics at only 13 and a half years

5 May 1965 – The Ion Creanga Theater was founded in Bucharest

5 May 1835 – The first European railway in Belgium is put into operation

6 May 1889 – Papa John Paul II becomes the first Papa in history to enter a mosque

7 May  1639 – The construction of the Three Hierarchs Church in Iasi, was founded by the ruler Vasile Lupu

7 May  1938 – Octavian Goga died, poet, playwriter, Romanian politician (born 1881)

7 May 1986 -The football team Steaua Bucharest conquered, for the first time in the history of Romanian football, the European Champions Cup

8 May 1972 – The National History Museum of Romania was inaugurated

9 May 1895 – Lucian Blaga, poet, playwriter, philosopher and Romanian essayist was bor

10 May 1877 – The Principality of Romania proclaims its independence from the Ottoman Empire.

10 May 1994 – Nelson Mandela takes the oath, becoming the first South African color president.

10 May -National Day of Romania between 1866-1916 and 1918-1948 (In 1917 it was forbidden as a result of the German occupation of Romania). (Other names: King’s Day or The Royalty Day)

11 May 1784 – The German language was declared an official language in Transylvania.

11 May 1866 – First day as the ruler of Carol I of Romania, after being crowned a day earlier.

11 May 1968– The construction of the first Romanian car, Dacia, began.

12 May 1938 – Dumitru Fărcaş, Romanian taragotist (born 2018)

13 May 1846 – United States declares war to Mexico; the beginning of the Mexican-American war.

14 May 1968 – The official visit to France of the President of the French Republic, General Charles de Gaulle.

15 May  1861 – The first Romanian school of veterinary medicine was set up in Bucharest.

16 May 1900 – Aurel Ciupe, Romanian painter, was born

17 May 1995 – For the first time, a Romanian, Constantin Lăcătuşu managed to reach the highest peak of the world, Everest (8,848 m).

18 May 1388 – The construction of the large church of the Cozia Monastery (Valcea, Romania) was completed.

19 May 1893 – Horia Bonciu, novelist, poet, journalist and Romanian translator was born (d. 1950)

20 May 1865 – The first national exhibition of Romanian agricultural and industrial products was inaugurated in Bucharest, organized by Ion Ionescu from Brad and Petre S. Aurelian.

21 May 1877 – Mihail Kogalniceanu proclaimed in the Parliament of Romania, on behalf of the government, the independence – an expression of the desire of the whole people, received with great joy.

22 May  1964 – Marius Oprea, Romanian poet and essayist, was born

23 May 1931 – Lucian Muresan, Archbishop and Metropolitan of the Romanian Church United with Rome was born

24 May 1990 – “Masca” Theater, the only theater of gesture, pantomime and body expression in Romania, headed by actor and director Mihai Mălaimare.

25 May 1899 – Alexandru S. Sanielevici, a Romanian physicist (born 1969)

26 May 1488 – Construction of the church “St. Gheorghe “church from Voroneţ, the foundation of Stephen the Great.

27 May 1600 – Mihai Viteazul becomes “the prince of Wallachia and Transylvania and the entire country of Moldavia”, making the first political union of the three Romanian countries.

28 May 1992 – The Romanian-American Treaty, was signed in Bucharest to encourage and protect mutual investments.

29 May 1453 – The fall of Constantinople: the Ottoman armies under the sultan of Mahomed II conquer Constantinople after a 53-day siege; the end of the Byzantine Empire.

30 May 1431 – The 100 Years War: Rouen, France, 19-year-old Ioana d’Arc, is burned by an English-dominated court. For this reason, the Catholic Church remembers this day as a feast of St. John d’Arc.

31 May 1954 – Nicu Alifantis was born, vocalist, instrumentist and Romanian composer