Well done Romanians! Romania has become more accountable than ever! And in Romania the voting was far above the average of the last years, but also throughout Europe, the Romanians formed huge queues at the polling stations. Even the Romanians in UK and Germany were not out of the question! 4, 5, 7, 11, 13 hours even, the Romanians stood in the sun or in the wind and rain to vote! Some have succeeded, others unfortunately not, but finally we understand that this is the only way we can change things by massive voting! A vote for the future of our children! Those Romanians who send billions of euros in the country and who are daily humiliated with ANAF decisions, with poor roads, lack of highways, schools without teaching materials and wc in the yard, with hospitals where people die by lack of medicines and equipment , these Romanians have written history to a huge queue!

Respect and “Thank you” for the German authorities who were with the Romanians, they showed that we are respected! The Red Cross and the police shared water and lemonade and provided medical assistance to those who needed it. Also in  Amsterdam, the city’s mayor personally came to talk to people and promised that he would personally get involved in organizing the next election so that the Romanians could express their democratic vote!

Thank you all and do not forget: Change is in us!