In the United Kingdom there are different tax classes that determine the tax amount for which each individual is liable. These tax classes are contingent upon the salary and family circumstances of the employee. The Revenue Agency oversees these tax classes. Find relevant information on the Internet by entering the search word “office tax [city of residence]” plus “search”.

Health insurance is mandatory under the Law for all employees regardless of sex, religion, or nationality. This amount is withheld from your salary and paid to the insurance agency of your choice. This includes an amount for basic services, and, if requested, you can stipulate a contract for supplementary services (e.g. private hospital room or additional treatments by the head doctor).

There are a series of other legally mandatory insurances, i.e. if you own a car, you must possess vehicle insurance, etc.

Dental services are not covered by health insurance; it is recommended that you obtain a cost estimate, as you generally have to pay between 30% – 80%.

On the Internet, there are numerous information pages that help especially those who come from abroad. An example of this is (