Romania mourns the death of Singer Sergiu Cipariu, who was one of the most popular performers and musicians of the romanian music scene. His death is a big loss for the whole country. He was much appreciated and loved by all people and was a unique and incredible Taragot player.

One of his favourite lyrics was:

“Mereu ne întoarcem înspre frumusețe,

Să ne adăpăm seninul sufletesc

Cu tinerețea fără bătrânețe

A cântecului nostru românesc.”


Sergiu Cipariu or “Babu”, as his friends called him, played taragot and cymbal. Only recently he celebrated his 70th birthday in December. According to his relatives, he died in his house in the Siberian village of Orlat. It is still unclear what caused the artist’s death, but the doctors assume that he suffered a heart attack in his sleep.