About 30 kilometres from Cluj, between the remains of quartz and kaolin sand from Aghires, one of the most spectacular lakes in Romania, the “Laguna albastră”, was formed a few decades ago.

If you look at the landscape around the turquoise blue lake “laguna albastră”, which is covered with yellow-red sand, you could almost think you are somewhere on Mars; the unique nature near Cluj seems so surreal. For some time now, the place has also been a real insider tip among the locals and not only enchants with its impressive colours, but is also a real bathing oasis with a water temperature of up to 25 degrees. Even though accessing the water through the untouched wilderness is definitely not easy, it’s safe to safe to say that very effort is worthwhile to catch a glimpse of this impressive landscape.

Officially, it is also one of the first five natural wonders in Romania. Those who plan a trip through Cluj County in the near future or want to plan a holiday in general should not miss this wonderful place.