Many Romanians return from their holidays at home to their jobs in Western Europe. In the summer, many Romanians often go on holiday to visit their families in their home country, and then return to the places where they usually work. Flights to destinations in Western Europe are sold out; there are crowds of people at the airports who want to reach the boarding gate. The boarding procedures are often inconvenient because of the exact passport control. That is why queues at the checkpoints are predictable. 

Those days, the thousands of Romanian travelers need nerves of steelRomanians who have booked scheduled flights could miss their flight due to waiting in long queues. At the country’s largest airport, Otopeni, for example, there has been already a queue at the counters since 3 a.m. every day 

Travellers who have booked scheduled flights in the next few days should arrive at least 3 hours in advance at the airport to make sure to arrive at the boarding in time.  

There are also traffic jams at the western border checkpoints because of the large number of vehicles, that want to leave the country. Even after crossing the border, the situation does not improve at all and there is an increased traffic all the way to Vienna. At the Austrian border there are traffic jams on all routes, the wait is at least one hour 

According to the Romanian authorities, over 2 million Romanians crossed the border during their holidays, both as arrivals and departures. We wish you all the best wherever you go!