Romanians who moved abroad to work will be asked to pay a tax to the Romanian state, if they have kept their fiscal residence in Romania

Adrian Benta, a financial consultant quoted by HotNews, said: „I can confirm that people with fiscal residence in Romania, who have a domicile in the country, are obliged to pay this contribution calculated by the percentage of 5.5% of the minimum wage even if they are abroad. “

Articles 180-182 of the new Fiscal Code require the payment of a contribution to health insurance by natural persons who do not make any income and are not exempted from the payment of health contribution by the effect of the law. The law concerns mostly minors or pregnant women without income. In this regard, Romanian citizens who maintain their fiscal residence in the country are also affected and will be contributing to this health insurance. Essentially, the law does not address only the above named categories of people, but also other groups, such as the uninsured, those who work under the table, farmers who do not fulfill the condition of being taxed by income brackets or otherwise uninsured households, according to Benta.

By order 84/2012 Romanian citizens who live abroad for longer than 183 days have the obligation to submit statements regarding their fiscal residence to ANAF, so they will be automatically taxed by the Romanian state, even if they already pay taxes in the country where they live and work.