Romania still mourns; the beloved Romanian singer Mihai Constantinescu is dead. After years of illness, Constantinescu succumbed to his severe heart problems on the evening of 29 October and died of cardiac arrest at the age of 73.

Even though nobody should have guessed it then, the appearance of the Romanian singing icon on the public TV channel TVR1 in May last year was one of his last public moments. Plagued by serious illness, Mihai Constantinescu withdrew more and more from public life and spent the last years of his life mainly in hospital. Most recently, he was even a coma patient in the intensive care unit of the Floreasca Emergency Hospital in Bucharest, where he eventually died.

Loved by young and old, Mihai Constantinescu was a companion for many during their youth and fascinated with his music. As a singer of some of the most popular hymns in Romanian music history, he quickly conquered the stage and television with his unique voice. His songs still convey love and joie de vivre.

As a graduate for physical education and sport, Constantinescu always wanted to give back to the community. In 1964 he became part of the World Group and later on a member of the Children’s Broadcasting Choir. During his lifetime he was also – besides singing – an interpreter, composer and lyricist.

On Thursday, 31.10.2019, the Romanian President Klaus Johannis signed the decree of the autopsy and awarded the National Order of Merit in the rank of Knight to Mihai Constantinescu.