Zalau steak is a very delicious local recipe that is easy to prepare and handy.

We need:

a piece of pork neck with an average thickness of about 300 grams

A tablespoon of sunflower oil


ground black pepper

sweet grind

grounded cumin

two cloves of garlic

Method of preparation:

-take the pig’s neck and cut it on both sides (chess board model)

– season with spices (salt, pepper, lime, cumin)

– rub the meat with garlic

– after the oil is put, massage the meat so that the seasons enter deep into the notches

– connect the meat with a string (this has the role of keeping the slice of compact meat)

– let the meat soak the seasons in the refrigerator for about a day

– before cooking, allow the meat for about 30 minutes to return to room temperature, then

put the meat in a greased oil pan and fry the meat for two minutes on each side just until it is beautifully tanned

– then put the pan with meat in the oven on 150 degrees for about 30 minutes, after that sprinkle the meat with the remaining sauce and a little wine

– ready-made roast can be served with mashed potatoes and garlic (or without)

– considering that it is hot summer and we can match with a cold pink wine

We wish you well!