August 1st, 1714 Dimitrie Cantemir becomes a member of the Berlin Academy
August 1st, 1977 a general strike of the miners from the Jiu Valley took place (30,000 miners asked to speak directly with Nicolae Ceausescu)
August 1st, 1981 MTV television station is launched
August 2nd, 1776 the Declaration of Independence of the USA is signed
August 2nd, 1997 the remains of the great illuminator Ion Inocentiu Micu (Klein) are deposited at the Holy Trinity Cathedral in Blaj On
August 3rd, 1914 the Panama Canal was inaugurated
August 3rd, 1914  votes in favor of preserving Romania’s neutrality in the First World War at the Peles castle
August 4th, 1914  World War I broke out, Germany invades Belgium
August 4th, 1693  the champagne Dom Perignon is invented, named after the Monarch
August 5th, 1966 the Beatles release their album Revolver
August 6th, 1863 the first subway in the world enters London
August 6th, 1867 the Romanian Academy Library was established
August 7th, 1864 the City Hall of the capital is founded and Barbu Vladoi is elected as mayor
August 8th, 1946 Romania was officially invited by the French Government to the Paris Peace Conference
August 8th, 1996 the first issue of the History Files magazineis published
August 9th, 1999 Boris Eltin appoints Wladimir Putin as prime minister
August 10th, 1519 Fernardo Magelan leaves Seville on the first trip around the world
August 10th, 1897 Felix Hoffman, German researcher, isolates aspirin
August 11th, 1999 the last total solar eclipse of the 20th century was visible in Romania
August 12th, 1908 the first Ford “T” model at the Detroit factoryis produced
August 13th, 1595 Mihai Vteazu wins the battle with the Ottoman army from Calugareni
August 14th, 1893 the first driving license in France
August 15, 1945 the Second World War ended after Japan surrendered
August 16th, 1977 Elvis Presley died
August 17th, 1956 the Constitutional Court of Federal Germany bans the Communist Party
August 18th, 1916 Bulgaria attacks Romanian Dobrogea without a declaration of war
August 19th, 1979 the CD was invented in the city of Hannover Germany
August 20th, 1968 Romanian car is produced by Dacia
August 21st, 1955 the first experimental television program in Romania (8:00 pm)
August 22nd, 1917 Ecaterina Teodoroiu died during the battle in Marasesti
August 23rd, 1939 the Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact was signed
August 23rd, 1944 Romania came out of the alliance with the Axis powers passing the Allies
August 24th, 1960 the lowest temperature on Earth is recorded – 88.3 degrees Celsius
August 25th, 2012 the first astronaut on the moon Neil Amstrong dies
August 26th, 1826 the last public execution takes place in Bucharest
August, 27th 1991 the Chisinau Parliament adopts the Declaration of Independence of the Republic of Moldova
August 28th, 1922 the first advertisement is broadcasted on the New Yorker radio station “WEAP”
August 29th, 1934  the construction of the world’s largest wine barrel 221,726 liters is completed in Heidelberg Castle
August 30, 1984 the first flight of the Discovery shuttle takes place
August 30, 2005 Hurricane Katrina takes human lives in the southern United States
August 31, 1895 the Zeppelin navigable balloon is patented by the German Count Ferdinand Zeppelin
August 31, 1989 the Romanian language is adopted by law as the official language of the Republic of Moldova