Within a few days, the Pontiff Sovereign will begin his apostolic visit to Bucharest, then to Sumuleu-Ciuc and Iasi. The visit will end at Blaj.

Organized under the motto “Let’s Go Together,” the Pope’s visit, is the second apostolic journey of a Pontiff Sovereign to Romania after the visit of Pope John Paul II in 1999 and takes on the typical Marian impression, inviting everyone to join the protector of the Mother of God. The Holy Father has often urged the unification of the various forces, the renunciation of egoism and the giving of the common good.

The follower of St. Peter comes to Romania, considered the Garden of the Mother of God, to invite to unite and faith, according to vaticannews.va.

On May 31, after the official reception at the airport, the holy parent will go to the Cotroceni Palace and then to the Patriarchal Palace for a private meeting with His Beatitude Daniel, the Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church, as well as with the Permanent Synod. The meeting will end with the two parents’ visiting the National Cathedral for a prayer and a greeting. Pope Francisc will then officiate the Liturgy in the Cathedral “St. Joseph “in Bucharest. At the end of the ceremony, the Pope will pass the papamobile on all the pilgrimage streets.

Saturday 1 June, will celebrate the Holy Liturgy at Sumuleu-Ciuc Sanctuary, considered to be one of the most important places of pilgrimage in Eastern Europe dedicated to the Virgin Mary, then visit the Cathedral of “Saint Mary Queen” in Iasi and meet the young people in front The Palace of Culture.

Sunday 2 June,he will go to Blaj, where on the Liberty Field there will be beatified seven Greek-Catholic bishops (beatification is a stage for the canonization process) and then to Sibiu airport for the farewell ceremony.