Piti Puia, a 12-year-old roma child distributed in the „Place des victoires”, along with Guillaume De Tonquédec and Richard Bohringuer, sparked astonishment and excitement with his impressive story. “A fairy tale “, french journalists described the appearance of a Romanian child who managed to make his way out of the impoverished neighborhood in a suburban Paris and step the Red Carpet in Cannes.

On November 6, 2019, “Place des victoires” by Yoann Guillouzouic will appear on the big screens in France, LCI says. After spending much of his childhood in the courtyard of Montreuil, a suburb of Paris, the child was discovered by Elsa Pharaon’s casting director. He was supported and helped by members and production associates to learn French and four years later became a star.

The film is the story of a saving encounter between Gagic (Piti Puia) and Bruno (Guillaume De Tonquedec). Gacic, a clever child of the streets, will be able to make a new impetus to Bruno, a 40-year-old man, in the face of professional and family failures.

Beyond the magic of fiction and the reflection lights in Cannes, destiny seems to laugh at the boy in real life, a hope for hope for the hundreds of Romanian children living in the misery of improvised dwellings under the bridges of the Parisian suburbs.


Source: Adevărul