The association My Romania Community is a community association dedicated to help all Romanians in the United Kingdom regardless of their age, gender, profession or other varieties. It was founded in March 2015 and is located in London.

The MRC commits all its time and effort to assistant Romanians morally, physically and financially by offering different kind of services such as job, career opportunities, advisory and consultancy services, advertising in TV, radio and on the internet, business administration or management, trade fairs, auctioneering, data processing. Retail service and much more.

The activities and events organized by the association include educational, social and cultural activities, collecting and distributing foods and other supplies, organizing English classes for Romanians of all ages and promoting Romanian language, literature, history, and traditions. In providing this kind of support for the Romanians in the UK, they try to assist those facing social problems. The main aim of the MRC is to help all Romanians fully integrate into the UK.

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