Ăsta-i DORUL™  

The Eagles Football Academy is a Romanian football academy in London. 10 youth teams (with players aged between 6 and 17) regularly train here, as well as taking on other teams in tournaments across Europe.

MoneyGram, the second-largest provider of international money transfers in the world, has been offering a comprehensive spectrum of services to Romanians in the United Kingdom for many years. In keeping with the motto Ăsta-i DORUL™ the company is now playing an active role in supporting the football-loving Romanian community. For one year, MoneyGram is the principal sponsor of the Eagles Academy, which not only nurtures budding young footballers but also offers an important hub in which parents, coaches and fans can all meet and exchange experiences and views.

MoneyGram was happy to sponsor the “Eagles Football Academy Awards” this year, where the young players get rewarded for their outstanding engagement during training and tournaments. MoneyGram was happy to provide the trophys and christmas-giftbags for all of the Children. This years honorary guest who was handing out the awards was none other than the legendary Goalkeeper of Steaua Bukarest, Romanian Football Legend Helmut Duckadam, the “Hero of Sevilla”.

150 young players and 300 Parents where taking part in the event – and of course Santa Clause, who was handing out the MoneyGram gifts to the Children.

Everybody had a lot of fun and the partnership between MoneyGram and the Eagles Football Academy in London showed once more: football truly unifies!  

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Find out more about the Eagles Footbal Academy: www.eaglesfc.co.uk