As you’re already used to, MoneyGram is always alongside the romanians no matter where they are, through the events it organizes. This time, MoneyGram was with the romanians in England at two very important events.

Saturday, June 15 in Milton Keynes, Amateur Soccer Tournament “Euromania”. The teams were formed by the romanian workers who work in the warehouses in the area (over 300 people). The winners were rewarded and the prize trophies featured the MoneyGram logo.

A promotion campaign took place on all social networks and locally via posters for the Event.

On Sunday, June 16, there was a great Carla’s Dreams concert in London! The event was Sold Out, over 1500 people of all ages played and enjoyed alongside the famous band. On behalf of MoneyGram, 3 promoters promoted MoneyGram on-line application. You could also watch your live images from the concert that proved to be a real success.

Thank you for joining us and MoneyGram! We look forward to the following events that you can find on the website!