Inspired by our customers and employees

Financial prosperity, individual freedom, health, self-determination. It all starts with access to education. Still, 63 million children all over the world do not have access to study materials during the mandatory schooling period. This is where MoneyGram steps in. From rendering study sources available to crisis aid. We are committed to positive change in the hardest-to-access places in the world.

We offer grants to Organisations with a proven track record that help students in disadvantaged areas by providing study materials, books, uniforms, advance technologies, educational programs, furniture; we support other organisations involved in crises, especially following natural disasters when schools and entire communities are often devastated.

In Romania and the Philippines, MoneyGram provided study materials to children, thus promoting education.
The Organisation “SAVE THE CHILDREN” received 59,872 dollars to integrate 60 children from disadvantaged communities into public schools in Bucharest. Our goal is to offer these children who suspended their studies or have never been enrolled in a school the change to graduate.

Empowerment through education

Our scholarships spread out from New York to Columbia, from Poland to Egypt, from Kenya to Nepal, and from India to Australia. We built a school in Nepal after a devastating earthquake, we funded the development of a literary programme in Haiti, we promoted an E-Reader programme in Ghana, and we have offered support to scientific labs across India.
Only in 2015, we have offered grants for tutoring and educational promotional programmes for more than 950 students and training for more than 800 teachers.