As a country of immigration, Germany can look back on a long history – and it is a successful history! Whether Turkish or Italian guest workers in the flourishing industrial landscape of the 1950s or nursing staff from Eastern Europe in recent decades: The economic upswing in Germany would not have been conceivable without the migration of skilled workers.
The largest group of immigrants currently comes from Romania. In 2017, more than 230,000 Romanians came to Germany to work here, and the trend is rising. Many have built up their own existence here and – predominantly medium-sized – companies have been founded, from the Au-tohaus to the nursing service, every sector is represented.

MoneyGram – one of the leading providers of international money transfer – has been looking after the interests of immigrant communities for many years, including the Romanian community, and would like to use the MoneyGram Awards 2019 to honour the achievements of people with a migration background who have founded successful companies in their new home countries. Courage and commitment, new economic impulses and the contribution to cultural diversity are to be rewarded.

The foundation stone for the Moneygram Awards was laid in Italy in 2009. At that time, the MA was the only national prize awarded to foreign entrepreneurs who successfully established themselves in Italy. Now it will also be awarded as the European MoneyGram Award at European level.
The MoneyGram Awards are open to foreign entrepreneurs from Italy, Spain, France, Belgium, Great Britain and Germany. The award will be presented in the following categories:

Social responsibility
Profit growth

All participants can register at and have the opportunity to share their profile via social platforms such as Facebook and collect votes for themselves. In October, a neutral jury selects the national winners from all categories. The winners will be chosen from among the three entrepreneurs who will receive the most votes and awarded at an official gala event in Brussels on 7 November 2019. The European MoneyGram Awards winners will also be named. They will be selected from the respective national winners.

MoneyGram cordially invites all Romanian entrepreneurs in Germany to participate in the MoneyGram Awards 2019. Good luck to all participants!