Money transfer app – send money anywhere, from anywhere

Available on iTunes and the Google Play Store, the MoneyGram app lets you send money worldwide right from your mobile phone, as a guest or a registered user! Use our app to transfer money reliably and easily, pay your bills, estimate transfer fees, track transactions, find MoneyGram agent locations, manage your account, and more!

The MoneyGram app makes sending money easy and affordable

  • No registration required. Quickly transfer money on our app as a guest!
  • Use our money transfer app to send cash, send money to a bank account, or to a mobile wallet.
  • Pick up or send cash in 200 countries and approximately 350,000 agent locations worldwide.

Pay bills

  • Use our app to quickly pay bills as a guest! No registration required.
  • Easily make payments from your phone to thousands of companies, from car and home payments to child support, utilities and more.
  • Our money transfer app is convenient and reliable and makes paying bills easy.

Estimate, track, and find locations on-the-go

  • Quickly estimate transfer costs on our app before starting a transaction.
  • Check the status of transfers you’ve sent or are expecting to receive at any time.
  • Map MoneyGram agent locations near you or around the world.

How to send from the MoneyGram Money Transfer App

Where to download the MoneyGram money transfer app

Use the links below to download the app for your specific mobile device: