One of the most beloved Romanian pop musicians was hospitalized at the Floreasca Emergency Hospital in Bucharest after having suffered three cardio-respiratory stops. Doctors are reserved about his chances and  he may be disconnected from the devices!

He was born in Bucharest on January 4, 1946. He graduated  the Institute of Education and Sport in Bucharest in 1973 and the Popular School of Arts in class Florica Orascu in 1972. He was a part of the Children’s Choir of the Radio Group, created by Titus Muntean, which included Olimpia Panciu and Marius Teicu. He recorded his first album at Electrecord in 1974, releasing over 20 albums. He sang for many years with Anastasia Lazariuc.

Many generations have grown with his  famous  songs “A Wonderful World” and “Up in the Hill” and “Love the homeless Dogs” will be  sung for many generations.