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Traditional Music

Do you love Romanian folk music as much as we do? We’ve put together some of the most beautiful songs from our most popular artists for you. Have fun!

This is why plums have an antidepressant effect

Did you know that plums put you in a good mood? That’s not just because they taste so delicious! On dordecasa.co.uk we show you all kinds of foods that make you cheerful, although the weather is nasty.

Make Gogoşi yourself at home

Are you craving delicious, tender Gogoşi? We’ll show you how to make the irresistible pastries at home.

Bucharest, the capital of Romania

What to expect in Bucharest? – Romania’s largest city is also the largest cultural, economic and industrial centre in our home country. Bucharest has so many attractions to offer!

How to speak efficiently with your children

The most important thing when dealing with children is that we as parents know how to communicate with our little ones.

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