1 white onion

4 marcovi

1 red pepper

1 bunch of parsley

1kg of potatoes

2kg of lamb meat

4 leaves of laurel

Also some pepper, vegeta


1. Cut the onions in squares then cut the carrots and the red pepper in small pieces as well. After that everything will be stewed.

2. Sear the lamb meat and add it afterwards to the rest. Let it bronze a little bit and then add two litres of water.

3. Cook everything together until the meat is well done. Meanwhile peel the potatoes, cut them in squares and add them as soon as the meat is well done.

4. Let it cook for 30 minutes, add salt and pepper (or vegeta) as much as you like and in the end add the four leaves of laurel and the chopped bunch of parsley.

Enjoy your meal!