MoneyGram MyWay – so many ways of sending money

MoneyGram, the world’s second-largest provider for international money transfer, is offering many different money transfer options. Sending money to Romania is particularly rapid and easy – for example, directly to bank accounts in Romania or to be picked up in Cash. Money can be sent online or in person from a MoneyGram agent location.

In addition, MoneyGram now presents the new, free MoneyGram app, which will enable users to send money, calculate fees, find locations, view their transaction history, and much more.

Sending money to Romania has probably never been so stress-free.

The money sent will reach its destination in few minutes* – even across distances exceeding thousands of kilometers. Discover how it feels to make your relatives and friends happy! Find out more on:

MoneyGram knows, what DOR™ is

MoneyGram is working tirelessly to make money transfers to Romania as affordable, fast, secure and easy as possible. Not only does the world’s second largest provider of money transfers offer its customers a great service, but MoneyGram also understands and supports the values and the traditions of the Romanian Community.