Surely you’ve heard of Iasi, the university town in northeastern Romania. But have you already visited this city full of history, culture, tradition and center of social life?

As you enter the city streets, you will understand that Iasi is also the cradle of Romanian culture and history. Iasi was the capital of the Republic of Moldova between 1564 and 1859, the capital of the Romanian principalities from 1859 to 1862 and during the First World War Iasi was from 1916 to 1918 provisional capital of Romania.

Iasi has been an important trading center since antiquity and a hub of historical trade routes where the eastern and western routes converge. This has contributed significantly to the development of the city, both in social, economic and cultural terms.

Supposedly Iasi was built on seven hills – like Rome – the origin of the city dates back to the Roman Empire. For the first time Iasi was mentioned as Municipium Jassiorum and Municipium Dacorum-Iassiorum in an inscription dating from this period. The ancient history of the city is also illustrated by the more than 500-year-old historic monuments, churches and monasteries that have been included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The city is also an important pilgrim center for Orthodox Christians gathering on October 14 to commemorate Saint Parasheva. In addition to the historic architecture, the city also has one of the oldest public parks in Romania – the Copou Park. Here is also the oldest monument in Romania, the Obelisk of the Lions, as well as a beautiful botanical garden. Many Romanian personalities have lived here and contributed to the development of the city and Romania, eg. Dimitrie Cantemir, Grigore Ureche, Miron Costin and Ion Neculce.

Lately, the city has become an important center of the computer industry with many multinational companies besides the historical, university and cultural side. It is not easy to describe in brief sentences such a diverse city that is so important for the culture of Romania, Europe and the world, with its history, its outstanding personalities and monuments. Therefore you should definitely visit Iasi and discover the sights of the city itself.