Big cosmetic brands secure their products with “batch codes” that can be verified online on official sites. These codes must match: the online code has to be the same one as the code on the box and the code on the glass bottle. The packaging should be checked to prove that the thin cellophane hasn’t been tampered with; the cellophane glue should not be visible. Another important aspect the writing on the packaging, which must be grammatically correct and contain the country of origin. Additionally, all these big brands have different verification symbols that are difficult to counterfeit.

Perfumes should be bought in the first part of the day, before noon, when the sense of smell is well rested. The perfumes are sprayed on a paper testing strip, after which is it advisable to wait a few minutes for the scent to deepen. Only then is the scent sprayed on the skin. To check if the perfume is compatible with your skin it is advisable to let it be on your skin for at least an hour without washing it off or mixing it with another scent. You should also doublecheck if you like the perfume in neutral smelling surroundings, or if you only like the scent in the shop. If the perfume feels good on your skin and you enjoy the scent in all surroundings, it’s a good perfume to buy!

The difference between Eau de Toilette and perfume is that Eau de Toilette has a lower concentration, and therefore loses its scent faster.