Illegal work is a phenomenon that is widespread over the world for various reasons: misinformation, lack of opportunities, avoidance of taxes, etc. It should be noted that we must tackle the medium and long-term problem in any case, otherwise the employee have to suffer! Consequently, they do not appear in the database when paying taxes, social security, health insurance, etc. Although they have worked for it. As a result, they do not benefit from state benefits. For example, unemployment, social security, health insurance or pension.

If you have a problem with your employer in Germany regarding the questionable nature of your employment, you only have to submit a complaint to the Customs Department.


Complaints can not be submitted anonymously!

Do not be scared to file a complaint. No one will punish you!

The complaint can be made either in person at one of the locations near you or by e-mailing: fks.poststelle@fks-f.

In the following, we will describe in detail how a complaint, sent to the Customs Department, should look like:

Name, surname, date of birth, home, telephone, email, fax.


To the Customs Department

“Fightling blacksmithing”

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

hereby I would like to write an ad for illegal work in Romanian language. Since I am not proficient in the German language, I ask you to include my ad in Romanian language for examination and determination.

The introduction must be in German so the customs office knows in which language you will write and what kind of translator they are going to need. The rest of the complaint will be continued in Romanian it should include:

– the company against whom you wish to file a complaint (all company details, telephone, e-mail, headquarters, etc.).

– the name of the manager or the names of the persons who are responsible for you within the company.

– a detailed description of all the things you have done in the period since you were in this company. In addition, a work schedule.

– the evidence that you can provide in support of your complaint (witnesses and their contact details, a notebook or a plan listing your hours worked).

– the manner in which you worked rewarded by the company (either cash, on your bank account or not at all).

– the contract with the company (if available), which is attached in the e-mail.


Yours sincerely,

your full name (if possible with signature), date and place.





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