1. Do not argue about the child
Children, whose parents always argue about them do not feel loved. Put the negativity down that will otherwise come back to you. Or in contrast, it becomes an “obedient child” that grows up without its own will. If you do not want to let things happen like this, learn to speak calmly. Eventually you will notice how the child’s behavior changes.

2. Much more praise
Psychologists claim that a child needs to be praised more than to be argued with. Unfortunately, strict parents find fewer reasons to praise them. Imagine, you come home and your son is missing, the bed is not made, as well as the homework and he is still on the way. When he comes back, he’s waiting for you to yell at him. But then say something nice to him, laugh with him and let him share his life, you do not need compulsion. Ask him to do his homework. I assure you that he will do it without a fight. Now there is more reason to shout at him. Do not be afraid, accept your whims.


3. Avoid exaggerated requirements
Do not expect too much. Maybe your child is not good at maths, but it can do well drawing and writing. Find what you both are best at and develop that ability together. You do not have to scream if your child sometimes learns badly. Relax and do not force your child to do what goes beyond him.

4. Be a role model
Children repeat everything that their parents do. If you do not punish him, but show him by your own example how to overcome difficulties, you  educate a patient child. Children with authoritarian parents become more self-confident, curious and open.

5. Be the friend of your child
Friendship with a child means that it can call you anytime. As a result of communication, it receives help and advice, but no hassles. If you are in a fairly close relationship with him, you do not want to raise your voice.

6. Give yourself and your child time
Dedicate at least 15 minutes a day to your child. Do exactly what he/she wants at these times. Read a book, watch your favorite cartoon or just enjoy tea and chat with your child. If the child does not enjoy parental attention, it will look for it in other persons.

7. Love yourself
If you are in harmony with yourself, you do not want to disturb your child. Parents often scream because they are tired and do not have enough time. First solve your problems and then try to raise your child. If the parent is happy, it will be your child too. It is very important to eliminate the cause of the anger. Educate yourself, understand why certain events happen in your life and then you have no desire or reason to raise the voice to your child.