As the cold season approaches, we are prone to colds and flu. But there are household remedies that help us to stay healthy.

Oats – with a high concentration of vitamins and minerals, have a positive effect on the skin, regulate intestinal transit, help lower cholesterol levels, regulate digestion and provide the body with a considerable amount of fibre.

Green tea – in the cold season it is advisable to drink green tea to prevent infections. The tea has calming and balancing properties, but it also helps with acute colds and relieves sore throats and fever.

Honey – no matter how you consume it, it is a true health enhancer. Its antibacterial properties support the fight against colds and flu and help to stop and heal sore throats.

Nuts and seeds – are rich in vitamin E and zinc, which are necessary for an optimal immune system. Pine nuts, cashew nuts, almond hemp seeds, linseed and pumpkin seeds etc. should be on every menu.

Cinnamon tea – warms the body and gives it well-being, it has antifungal and analgesic properties, which have a positive effect on the upper respiratory tract. In case of hypothermia it is recommended to drink 2-3 cups of cinnamon tea.