In  the Flowers Day, Christians celebrate the Savior’s entrance in Jerusalem. Flowers Sunday marks the only time the Savior has accepted to be acclaimed as Emperor. He was greeted with olive and flower branches, and people called ” Osama! Blessed is the one who comes in the name of the Lord! “On this Holly Day men go to the church with willow branches, that replace the olive branches, that are not found in Romania, to meet Christ.

Since ancient times there have been traditions and superstitions related to this day, including:

– those who will wash their heads will whiten

– it is said that those who receive the eucharist in this Holy day have great chances to fulfill their desires

-It’s fish day, so you must eat fish

“On the eve, unmarried girls wash their heads with boiled basil in the water. And then pour it to the root of a blooming pear. It is said that they will meet their chosen heart.


Dordecasa team wishes to the over 1.5 million Romanians who are named with flower names and who celebrate their onomastics on this holy day, a sincere“ Happy Name Day!“