The most amusing laws  

Jensen’s law  

“Win or lose everything you lose.”  

Law of liberty

“If you think you’re really free, that means there’s no escape.”  

Klipstein’s Law  

Cut wires are always too short.  

Law of Segal  

A man with a clock knows what time it is. A person with two clocks will never be sure of the time.  

Ronald D Laing Theorem 

“If I don’t know, it seems like I do.”  

Matsch’s law  

It’s better to have a bad ending than a bad without an ending. ”  

Meyer’s law  

“It is not a problem to make things complicated, but it is very complicated to make them simple.  

Miksch’s Law  

If a program has a beginning, it has an end.  

Kazar Principle  

“If you’re going to freeze to death, it’s good to keep your blood cold.”  

Maxime of Montagu  

“The idea is to die young, but as late as possible.”  

Peter’s Law  

Unexpected always occurs.”