June 1, International Day of the Child.

June 1, 1475: First documentary mention of Craiova.

June 2, 1821: Ion C. Bratianu, a political and a Romanian state, was born. His name is related to crucial events in the birth of the Romanian nation and the state: the Revolution of 1848, the Union of the Principalities, the reign of Carol I as the ruler of state independence, and the creation of the Kingdom of Romania.

June 3, 1267: The first documentary mention of Medias.

June 4, 1920: The Treaty of Trianon is concluded between the Allied Powers and Hungary. Thus, the union of Transylvania, Banat, Crisana and Maramures with Romania was recognized internationally (it came into force on July 26, 1921).

June 5, 1779: Gheorghe Lazar, romanian enlightener scholar, is born.

 June 6, 1871: Nicolae Iorga, historian, encyclopaedist, memorialist, prime minister, parliamentarian, university professor and Romanian academician was born.

June 7, 1775: “United Colonies” changed its name to “United States of America“.

June 8, 1838: At the St. Sava College, the first public library in Bucharest was opened.

 June 9, 1818: The first flight with a hot air balloon flying over Bucharest

June 9, 1856: Vasile Alecsandri published in the magazine “Steaua Dunarii” the poem “Hora Unirii”; soon became the battle anthem for the Union of the Principalities, the anthem of the Romanian national unity.

June 10, 1912: The Aviation Fair in Aspern (Austria), where Aurel Vlaicu achieved great success; in competition with famous time pilots, won the first prize for throwing a target projectile, from a height of 300 meters and a second prize, to land at a fixed point.

June 11, 1848: The Beginning of the Easter Revolution in Bucharest. Governor Gheorghe Bibescu is forced to sign the “Constitution” (the proclamation and program of Islaz) and to recognize the provisional revolutionary government.

June 12, 1964: Nelson Mandela, an anti-apartheid militant in South Africa, was sentenced to life imprisonment.

June 13, 1941: On the night of June 12 to June 13, over 31,000 inhabitants were deported from Bessarabia and Northern Bukovina to Siberia.

June 14, 1821: Vasile Alecsandri, a Romanian writer, is born.

June 15, 1893: Ion Marin Sadoveanu is born, writer, playwright, poet, romanian essayist.

June 15, 1889: The poet, Romanian prose writer and journalist Mihai Eminescu died. It is reckoned by Romanian readers and literary criticism posthumously as the national poet of all Romanians.

June 16, 1599: Mihai Viteazul, concluding in Târgovişte a treaty with the envoys of Andrei Bathory, accepting to be included in peace with the Ottomans in order to gain the time needed to complete the preparations to neutralize the hostilities of the Porte.

June 17, 1910: The first flight of Aurel Vlaicu on Cotroceni Hill.

June 18, 1917: Titu Maiorescu, literary critic, essayist, esthetician, philosopher, teacher, writer and Romanian politician died.

June 19, 1899: George Calinescu was born. He is considered one of the most important Romanian literary critics of all time.

June 20, 1954: The metal bridge over the Danube was inaugurated in Giurgiu, called the Friendship Bridge, then the largest combined bridge (rail and road) in Europe, built in two and a half years in collaboration with other neighboring countries.

June 21, 1848: In the magazine “The Sheet for Mind, Heart and Literature” appeared the poem “A Resurrection” by Andrei Mureşanu. As of January 24, 1990, this poetry, on Anton Pann’s music, became the Romanian State Anthem, known as “Wake up, Romanian!”.

June 22, 1913: Stephen Octavian Joseph, a romanian poet, is extinguished.

June 23, 1881: Diplomatic relations between Romania and Spain were established.

24 June 1926: Inauguration of the first national civil air route between Bucharest and Galati.

June 25, 1955: The Central State Library was established in Bucharest, today the National Library.

June 26, 1819: The bicycle is patented.

June 27, 1967: The world’s first ATM  is installed in Enfield, London.

June 28, 1914: Sarajevo assassination: Franz Ferdinand, the heir to the Crown of Austro-Hungary, was assassinated with his wife, an event that triggered the First World War.

29 June 1521: Neacsu’s letter from Câmpulung to Hanes Begner, Brasov County; the letter, is the first written text in Romanian, with Slavonic characters that have been preserved.

June 30, 1905: Albert Einstein publishes the work “On Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies“, now known as the theory of relativity.

June 30, 1936: The novel “On the Wings of the Wind” by American writer Margaret Mitchell was published.