You haven’t found the perfect destination for your holiday yet? No problem, we can help you! Visit and you will find your perfect destination.

Since the holidays have already begun, many of you know by now where to spend their vacation, but there are also those who haven’t decided yet or are simply spontaneous. So we will help you with our top 10 of beautiful and affordable beaches in Europe that are easy to reach from any part of the continent.

  1. The blue lagoon of Balos – Crete

The blue colour and black sand of the lagoon gives this beach a romantic atmosphere. Balos can be reached with any kind of car even if the road is a little rugged. At the lagoon there is a path that descends down to the laguna itself.

Via Unsplash by Arthur Yeti

Ryanair offers flights to Chania Airport from almost everywhere in Europe.

  1. San Vito lo capo – Sicily, Italy

It’s an exotic beach with fine white sand at the Mediterranean Sea with various ways to spend your free time. If you don’t like crowded places, you should visit in September.

The planes arrive at Palermo airport and from there you can rent a car (very good prices) or use a transfer with a distance of 80 kilometres to the resort town of San Vito lo Capo.

  1. Dubrovnik – Croatia

Do you want to see King’s Landing? Then you are at the right place cause of Dubrovnik being a perfect medieval fortress. This along with its small idyllic bays makes this the perfect holiday destination. Prices are affordable.

Via Unsplash by Spencer Davis

It can be reached by plane to Dubrovnik airport or by car through the Dobrovnik-Neretva Canton.

  1. Marina di Pescoluse – Italy

You can’t reach the maledives? No problem, this area in Puglia, close to Lecce, has a white sandy beach stretched over kilometers. The beach is not arranged, so you can enjoy relaxing here without crowds of people and the landscapes will leave you speechless. In this area you can find hotels and villas for rent at very advantageous prices.

It can be reached by airplane to Barii airport from where you can transfer or rent a car, the distance to the airport is 220 kilometres.

  1. Tropea – Italy

It’s an Italian town located right at the beach with houses built on the massive rocks around the beach which makes this beach a very spectacular one. It‘ s a crowded beach in July and August, therefore the ideal period is September.

Via Unsplash by Massimo Virgilio

It can be reached from Lamezia Terme Airport and then by train or car.

  1. Bolonia – Spain

It is a spectacular beach at the Atlantic ocean with sand dunes. It is a beach that stretches for miles so it is the ideal place for privacy! It can be reached from the Aeroprt of Malaga and from there by car you have to drive around 180 km but it is worth it!

  1. Punta Umbria – Spain

It is a particular beautiful beach on the Atlantic Ocean that stretches over a whole kilometer. Punta Umbria is a natural reserve which is the right place to spend a relaxing holiday with your family. This destination can be reached by plane from Seville airport or from Faro Portugal with the distance to Punta Umbria being 100 km.

  1. Sueca – Spain

Do you want to combine a city like Valencia with relaxing moments on a sunny but less crowded and cheap beach? The beach of Sueca is the ideal place: fine and white sand along with the warm water of the Mediterranean make this destination a top one in our class.

It can be reached by plane from Valencia airport, and from there by public transport, transfer, etc.

  1. Praia do Camilo

It is one of the most beautiful beaches in Portugal not far from the famous and vibrant Lagos. This white sandy beach is surrounded by bizarre rocks as well as the soft and turquoise water of the Atlantic. It is ideal for snorkeling and relaxing.

It can be reached by airplane from Faro Airport and from there by transfer or by car.

  1. Dzharylhach – Ukraine

This island is one of the largest in Ukraine and lies in the Black Sea. This Jewel of Eastern Europe, the Maldives of Ukraine, is an island gem with breathtaking beaches. It is a real idyll for those who like to spend their holiday in the wild.

The journey is not easy though, but it’s worth it !! It can be reached by boat or by rented boat.