Although they have been on the tables for the Romanians for years and there are no celebrations without “Mici” ( rolls meat), doctors caution that Mici  should be consumed with measure and without being associated with alcoholic beverages!

Consisting of “Mici”(rolls meat) made from minced meat (beef and pork or beef) or from a single animal, matured with soup of bones, fat, spices, loaves (sodium bicarbonate), dyes and preserved with bread and worsens digestion that can cause liver steatosis (so-called fatty liver)

Excessively low consumption may increase the risk of certain types of cancer, such as bladder, colon or pancreas. Because they contain large amounts of salt, they are contraindicated in hypertensive, obese, diabetic or hepatic-kidney disease.

“Mici” (rolls meat)can be moderately, sporadically, preserved with natural mustard and moderate amounts of red wine without sulphites, thus reducing their toxicity.