According to a study carried out by Enterprise Romania, a rental company belonging to the Eurolines Group, Romanians who work abroad rent, upon arrival by plane, more expensive vehicles than foreigners who visit Romania! “A third of the Romanians who return home over the summer make inquiries at rental companies for BMW, Audi, or Mercedes vehicles, but only some can afford them. Others settle on Volkswagen vehicles, while some want to pay less and choose a Logan. By comparison, foreigners visiting Romania never inquire about premium brands, but rent discounted cars from average brands or large cars with 8+1 seats,” stated general manager George Tacciu.
The figures show that “of all the drivers who rent from Enterprise România, approximately 80% are foreigners – either tourists visiting Romania, or business men from abroad; 15% are Romanians working abroad; and, 5% Romanians who live in the country”.

The peak rental period in Romania is 01-25 August when most Romanians abroad go on holiday. The market demand during this period exceeds the offer.