During the LSRS Gala on Tuesday, January 7 at the Palace of Parliament in Bucharest, 22-year-old Daniel Prelipcean was honored as the best Romanian student abroad. Born in Radautz, he graduated in 2015 from the National College “Eudoxiu Hurmuzachi” in Radautz, followed by the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics at the Jacobs University in Bremen. He is currently studying Applied Physics at the Technical University of Munich with the goal to achieve his Master’s degree.


The award-winning Romanian young man dedicated his prize to all Romanians going abroad, “This prize is a summary of all interactions in my life, especially with the people around me (…) and is addressed to all those who have left their home country to go abroad.”, said Daniel in his speech.


“Through the Master in Applied Physics at the Technical University of Munich, I learned to approach the world rationally and that the measure of all things is human happiness. As a national Olympic champion in physics and mathematics, I had a dream for over a decade: to reach the limits of human knowledge and to expand it even further. This summer I fulfilled my dream of working as a student at CERN (European Council for Nuclear Research),” the young Romanian confesses.


Attentive to the world around him, he volunteered in the field of education at “Physics for Refugees”, where he organizes workshops for children from refugee families at Christmas and is also part of the “Top Research in Romania” (CER2) – a physics summer program. Furthermire, he is a member of the food bank in Munich, where he provides food for people in need every Saturday.