When you say Tara Oasului, you say authentic traditions, distinguished by the originality and uniqueness of the popular port, of the song and the playful game and you speak about fair, hard and proud people who are the keepers of ancient customs and traditions.

Here you will find part of archaic Romania and people who descend directly from the free Dacians …

The country of Oasului is located in the north of Transylvania and is part of the county of Satu Mare.

The country of Oas includes the following communes and villages Orașu Nou, Prilog, Racșa,, Orașu Nou-Vii, Certeze, Huta Certeze and Moișeni, Vama, Vama Bai, Callinești-Oaș, Lechința, Coca, Dumbrava, Târșolț, Aliceni, Trip Băi, Boineș , Bixad, Cămârzana, Bătarci, Tarna Mare and the city of Negresti Oas which is also the ethnological and local administrative cultural center.

The port of Oseni has been preserved since the time of the Dacians, where wide summer trousers or narrow scarves are worn or black or white gowns in winter. The bell isadorned with beads or feathers and you can see the endless strait!

The port of Ossense is characterized by the originality, the liveliness of the bright, bloated shirts or the brightly colored assortments. It is also a special place where a crown of beads and plaiting are worn by the brides!

The Osenians are homely and welcoming people, this is also seen through the large houses found at every step, one more imposing than the other; in the Land of Oas it is a sign of a pride to show others how much you are a householder: In recent years, more and more residents of these countries have taken the journey abroad, starting with Portugal then France and England.

In London, for example, there are real compact communities of oseni. Being hardworking and compassionate people,  they managed to raise money in a few years which they invested in their native places.

We kindly invite you to visit these picturesque places that will surely remain imprinted in your memory.