The Bicaz Canyon – or Cheile Bicazului in Romanian – is a popular Romanian tourist destination because of its unique beauty. A 10 km long mountain road leads through the canyon, flanked by almost vertical limestone walls, offering visitors a breathtaking panorama. Situated on the Bicaz River, the canyon is situated in northeastern Romania, bordering the Red Lake (Lacul Roşu), Romania’s largest natural mountain lake, and in the border area between Transylvania and Moldova. Highlights of the trip through the Bicaz Gorge are the Tunderkertfelsen and the 1156-metre-high Oltarkofelsen, on whose mountain top there is a huge cross. The two villages POARTA IADULUI and GATUL IADULUI are also well known: here, on the limestone walls, you can find hundreds of small mountain streams that unite to form waterfalls and flow into the Bicaz. Further attractions of the Bicaz canyon are the black cave, the waterfall cave and the Licas path.