Every day we are exposed to a number of chemical compounds that can have long-term carcinogenic effects through constant contact, especially on women and children. Most of these substances with carcinogenic potential can be found in everyday products such as: Cosmetics, clothing, computer accessories or even furniture 

In the European Union, a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer every two minutes.  Below is a list of the carcinogens you should be aware of 

Bisfenolu Ais found in polycarbonate plastics, baby food containers, packaging of all kinds, for example canned food and beverage and milk containers, or nail polish. The substance accumulates in the organism during a long term period and can cause breast cancer, diabetes or brain diseases. 

Phthalatiiare found in large quantities of plastics or as additives in a large number of products, from toys to medical devices. They affect the proper functioning of the sex organs of women and men, disrupt the endocrine system, and damage the liver and kidneys.  

Organic perfluorinated surfactants – these belong to the category of substances that increase the body’s resistance to fire, dirty oil, or water. They are contained in the ingredients of Teflon and in fast food packaging. They can cause cancer in the prostate or bladder.  

Fire retardantsare found in components of electronic and electrical products (computers, televisions), as well as carpets and furniture components. They cause endocrine dysfunction and have a negative effect on fertility.   

AHA, BHT, Prabenihave been found in ingredients of hygiene and cosmetic products, such as lotions, creams, perfumes, etc. They increase the risk of skin cancer.  

Triclosanul – was found in ingredients of toothpaste, according to studies this chemical compound is associated with the risk of cancer and hormonal imbalances