Bucharest on the Dambovita shore is the capital of Romania and at the same time the largest city, and the industrial and commercial center of the country. The population of 1,944,367 people makes Bucharest the sixth largest city in the European Union. the towns around the city, which will be part of the future metropolitan area, have a population of about 430,000 inhabitants.


Although legend has it that Bucharest was founded by a shepherd, but the first document dates from September 20, 1459, issued by Vlad Tepes, ruler of the Romanians, which strengthens the estate of the boyars. The city of Dambovita had, as it appeared in the first years, a strategic role to supervise the streets. Shortly thereafter, Bucharest, on October 14, 1465 declared itself by Radu cel Bun to the acting Principality. In the years 1558 – 1559 the court and a princely church were built. Founded by Mircea Shepherd, it is today the oldest church in the city and it’s still preserved in its original form. In 1659, Bucharest, under the reign of George Ghica, became the capital. In 1862, it became the capital of the United Principalities. Since then, the city has changed continuously and has become the center of the Romanian art, culture and media scene. Its elegant architecture and urban atmosphere have earned its nickname “Little Paris”. Although the buildings and quarters of the historic center were damaged or destroyed by war, earthquakes and Nicolas Ceausescu’s systematization program, many beautiful monuments survived. In recent years, the city has experienced an economic and cultural boom.


Bucharest has many tourist attractions. The Parliament Palace is the largest building in Europe and the second largest in the world! Built in 1935 on the model of Paris, it is an impressive building and a symbol of Romanian culture. You will find many of the houses of famous people like Tudor Arghezi, George Bacovia or  Ion Minulescu. There are also many museums such as the Roman Peasant Museum, the National Art Museum, the National History Museum, the Grigore Antipa Museum. The Botanical Garden and many parks are also: Cişmigiu (the oldest public garden in Bucharest), Herastrau, Carol, etc.


Many shopping malls and shopping malls and many restaurants, bars, clubs, cafes are waiting for you to cross the threshold.


Do not miss the old capital!