In a few years, but not more than 10 years, extreme measures will be taken by several European countries in order to combat pollution – the marketing of cars with internal combustion engines will be prohibited for commercialization.

In this sense, Norway has already banned the sale of vehicles with diesel or gasoline engines,  only the sale of 100% electric cars or hybrid will remain allowed.

The other country that will ban cars with diesel and gasoline engines are the Netherlands from 2025 on, but also some German countries want to withdraw them from marketing from 2020 on and prohibit the access of these types of cars in certain cities, a first step being taken.

Already starting with 2019 ! Also France and other European states will do the same by 2040!

All these measures will be taken to fulfill the objectives set out in the Climate Agreement signed in Paris.

The Swedish car manufacturer Volvo already started this year and will not only produce electric or hybrid cars, but other major manufacturers in the European Union have started to produce more and more electric or hybrid cars.

In this regard, in the coming years a major change is expected in the EU car market.