When traveling in Motzenland in Transylvania, inside the Apuseni Mountains, it feels like being in an art gallery with breathtaking scenery. No matter where you are, the history of this region is recognizable everywhere. Here it seems as if time ceases to exist.

You can also feel the spiritual presence of Avram Iancu, a Romanian lawyer and revueur, who has had a significant influence on the area. Iancu was the leader of the Romanian revolution in Transylvania in 1848/49. The aim of the Transylvanian Romanians was equality with the Saxons, Magyars and Szeklern, which were significantly improved during the Austrian rule. This demand was made at a large popular assembly in Blaj in 1848 to the Austrian emperor as well as to the Transylvanian parliament. After the annexation of Transylvania and Hungary with a volunteer force a guerrilla war against the Hungarian revolutionary army and quickly became famous in Transylvania. After the victory over Hungary by the Tsar and Habsburg army, he lived in the Apuseni Mountains, his homeland, until his death in 1872.

Avram Iancu is now considered a Romanian national hero, his hometown – formerly Feldovidra – was renamed Avram Iancu and the airport in Cluj-Napoca bears his name.

Since 2018 we celebrate the connection of Transylvania with MoneyGram at a Romanian and various social events in Germany and abroad.