Every year, on December 6, Saint Nicholas Day is celebrated both by Orthodox Christians and by Catholics. In popular Romanian belief, he is called “San-Nicoara”. It is said that he keeps the sun from trying to sneak past him to reach the northern realms to leave the world without heat and light. According to the popular belief, it is the night when the heavens opens for one second and Saint Nicholas can be seen standing at the Lord’s right.

Every year, on the evening of December 5, children know they have to polish their boots, and Mos Nicolae will come to them. He will bring gifts to the good-hearted children.

In some areas of the country, on Saint Nicholas Day, people bring branches of fruit trees to the house, which they keep in water, near the icons. If these twigs flourish until the last day of the year next year, it will be a fruitful one.

In other regions the girls gather on the eve of the feast to make pies, and in the evening, at the fixed nine o’clock, the flames come and then spend together.

In the villages on Saint Nicholas day, the sons are organized in groups and choose the host in the house where the rehearsals will take place for Christmas and New Year’s carols.

In Europe, around the 12th century, St. Nicholas Day has become both a day of gifts and charitable activities.

The dordecasa team wishes everyone who celebrates today health and that all their wishes will come true!


Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash