In Romania it is a common trend to buy used cars instead of new ones, since they are much cheaper compared to new vehicles. Therefore, we are going to show you five important things to consider before buying a second-hand-car:

  1. The chassis number must match with the existing vehicle documents.
  2. Attention should also be directed to the bodywork. Here, you should check whether the vehicle was repainted. Blisters, irregular joints in the body panels or shades indicate that the vehicle may have been involved in an accident.
  3. Also, the distribution belt should be checked before buying a used car (this applies to the belt and not to the chain). The distribution belt should not be older than four years.
  4. You should be very cautious at the mileage, since many used cars are often traded with a faked mileage. In order to check the authenticity, you should take a look at the year of construction and the associated mileage. For example, if the car is more than ten years old and has a low mileage, but has visible traces of use on the seat and the steering wheel, it can be assumed that the mileage has been manipulated.
  5. Finally, the service work should be carried out at regular intervals, which can be viewed in the corresponding service booklet.

In terms of reliability, Volkswagen ranks 34% among the most popular car brands. Second place is Opel with 21%, closely followed by Ford with 17%. Then comes BMW with 15% and finally Audi with 13%.