Happy Birthday Romania! Happy Birthday Romanians!

Over time, the Romanians had to fight for peace and unity. The Romanians fought with dedication, with boldness and bravery. The first voivode who united all the Romanians under the same leadership and all three Romanian countries, Walachia, Transylvania and Moldova, was Michael the Brave in 1600. After defeating the Turks, he returned to Alba Iulia. “My dream and my people are fulfilled,” Michael the Brave said when people greeted him with bread and salt, with flags and flowers with songs and songs. The city of joy and joy laughs. Unfortunately, this joy did not last long and the Romanians were again divided.
Almost 400 years later, the happiest moment in our history came on December 1, 1918, when the Romanians celebrated the Great Union. Romanians everywhere gathered in the Alba Iulia Fortress and cried out in chorus: “Long live Unirea! Long live Great Romania! “On December 1, 2018, Romanians everywhere are happy and happy to celebrate the Centenary! 100 years of the Great Union, 100 years of a people’s history that must remain united forever in the memory of all our forefathers who fought for peace and unity.